Reset Epson L360 Using Resetter (Latest Version 2023)

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Here’s how to reset the Epson L360 using a resetter and manually with only a few easy-to-understand steps. Successful 100% and the Epson L360 printer is ready to be used again.

Epson is a printer that is often used by many people, especially in offices and homes. The price is cheap, and the quality is good, but still, certain problems can appear with this printer. Like failing to print a document. Take it easy, this Epson L360 reset method can be used to overcome this.

Errors are usually indicated by a flashing indicator. If it’s like this, it must be repaired by resetting. Even though many people don’t understand how there’s no need to worry. All of that can be done easily and quickly using the Epson L360 reset method below.

How to Reset Epson L360 Manually and Automatically

There are two options for resetting the Epson L360 printer. Namely, reset manually or automatically/ using a software resetter.

But before resetting, you should first look at the components on the printer. Maybe it’s not the system that’s broken, but the printer ink is running out, the printer cable is broken, or something else. If all the components are safe, but the printer is still having problems, you can reset it immediately.

Reset Epson L360 Using Resetter Software

Manual reset For Epson L360

Actually, each printer is equipped with its own reset system. But maybe just a different way.

Especially for Epson L360, follow these steps:

  1. First, you can unplug the printer power cable first.
  2. Then let stand for 5 minutes, if so, please plug the cable back in.
  3. Then you can turn on the printer by pressing the Power button.
  4. After that, you can press the Resume button.
  5. Press the Power and Resume buttons again simultaneously and hold them for 5 minutes.
  6. If so, please release the two buttons.
  7. Then press the Power and Resume buttons simultaneously again and hold them for 3 minutes.
  8. Please wait a few moments until the reset process is complete.
  9. With this, the settings on the printer will be as before/default.

Epson L360 Automatic Reset Using Resetter

Before going through how to reset it, you must have the Epson L360 Resetter software first. After you have successfully downloaded it, then the software only needs to be extracted with WinRAR. Then install the software on the PC that you will use.

Epson L360 Resetter Free Download

How to use an Epson resetter

  1. First, you open the application and the EPSON Adjustment Program dialog bar will appear. Click Select.
    Epson L360 Resetter 1
  2. After that, click Model Name and select one of the printer models, namely L360.
    Epson L360 Resetter 2
  3. If so, you click OK.
  4. Then, you click Particular Adjustment Mode.
    Epson L360 Resetter 3
  5. There are many commands that can be used to run the printer. You can scroll down to the Maintenance column and select Waste Ink Pad Counter then click Ok.
    Epson L360 Resetter 4
  6. The dialog bar will appear on the Check & Initialization menu. Click the tick on Main Pad Counter. Then, click Check.

    Epson L360 Resetter 5

  7. Then, wait until the blinking process is complete.
  8. When finished, click and tick Main Pad Counter again and select Initialization.

    Epson L360 Resetter 6

  9. Turn off the printer for a while and let it rest.
  10. Finally, please turn on the printer again.

Now you can check the printer settings. If successful, then all settings will return to normal or default.


In conclusion, to be able to reset Epson printers, you can do it manually or automatically with the help of Resetter software. If the printer is still having problems, maybe there is a component in the printer that is damaged.

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