Index Request Error – Don’t worry, you are not alone

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Oops! Something went wrong We had a problem submitting your request. Try again later. 

Webmaster or Google Search Console Error Manual Index Submit Again problem Oops! Something went wrong we had a problem submitting your request. Try again later. As soon as the contents of the text are estimated, for now, the Webmaster Google search console is having a problem, not only you but maybe others as well, so now there is an error.

For those who submit URLs to webmasters, it turns out that I am the same way, just wait until it returns to normal for bloggers who cannot submit URLs. In webmasters, Google Search Console, don’t worry, if your blog has been around for a long time, it will also appear in Google search, as well as indexing your articles in Google itself, as we know, submitting URLs manually works faster. instead of being able to wait for the submission itself, but for now, it’s been 2 days of submitting the URL error.

This URL Inspection Tool actually functions for urgent indexing only. So if you make a very important change and edit some review factors on a page, and it needs to be indexed urgently, then you need to use this tool. But if it’s for everyday posts, it will be automatically indexed by Google later even though it has to take 2 or 3 weeks. So there is no need to use this tool.

When will it return to normal for webmasters with errors, it is not certain at this time, hopefully, it will return to normal soon. Submit webmaster URLs so they don’t fail to index your blog and get indexed faster, in my personal opinion, submitting manual URLs is usually indexed faster than waiting automatically.

After publishing the article, click webmaster, then submit URL, just click test live URL or let it index itself. See the picture above, a mistake in which you are not alone.

If you have doubts, maybe these articles can help you:

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