Epson L6460 Resetter Free Download


Epson L6460 Resetter Tool Epson Adjustment Program For Windows. Reset the printer automatically easily with the latest compatible resetter that works properly.

The printer is one of the most important devices today to support various jobs. The Epson brand itself, as one of the printer manufacturers, is used by quite a lot of people. However, sometimes there are several conditions where Epson printers experience errors so users must learn how to reset printers like the Epson L6460.

Epson L6460 Adjustment Program

Do you often experience trouble when you want to print documents using the Epson L6460 printer? It could just be a sign that the printer is time to be reset. Generally, each printer has usage limits set by the manufacturer, in this case, the Epson L6460.

When the printer user reaches this limit, the printer will show a different indicator for each series. On the Epson L6460, the indicators that appear can be seen from the flashing lights or notification messages when using the printer. Therefore we have to reset the printer so that the problem can be resolved, one of which is by using the Epson L6460 resetter application.

Epson L6460 Resetter Free Download

Download Resetter For Epson L6460

File Name: Restter L6161-L6171-L6191-L6460.Rar
Size: 3 MB

Via Google Drive [DOWNLOAD]


Warning: Please turn off the Antivirus first before downloading and extracting the resetter file. The file is safe and we have tested it on our computer.

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How to Reset Epson L6460 Printer

  1. Turn on the laptop and printer and connect them using the USB printer cable.
  2. Download the Epson L6460 resetter application, in this case, we will use the Epson Adjustment Program resetter application.
  3. Extract the download results to the desired place,
  4. Open the app.
  5. Enter the password if prompted (the password is included in the Password.txt file).
  6. Click the Select button,
  7. Select the type of printer according to the one used in the Model Name section, namely L6460.
  8. Click the OK button.
  9. Select a Particular adjustment mode, after that various adjustment and maintenance options will appear that can be selected.
  10. Select the Waste Ink pad counter in the Maintenance section.
  11. Click the OK button, then the Waste Ink pad counter window will open.
  12. Activate the check button on the Main pad counter, Platen pad counter, and Ink System pad counter sections.
  13. Click the Check button in the Check the current counter value section.
  14. Wait for the checking process to finish, if it goes smoothly then the number of points and the percentage in the section that has been checked will be displayed.
  15. Check all sections back.
  16. Click the Initialize button in the Initialize the selected counters section.
  17. Select the OK button if an information notification appears, then the process will run.
  18. Wait for the process to finish which is marked by the appearance of a notification to be told to turn off the printer.
  19. Turn off the printer by pressing the printer power button.
  20. Turn on the printer again.
  21. Click the OK button on the notification that appears.
  22. Click the Finish button to close the waste ink pad counter window.
  23. Test the printer by selecting Head Cleaning in the Maintenance section.
  24. Insert blank paper into the printer.
  25. Click the Print button in the Check Print nozzle section.
  26. Wait for the print process to finish, if the printer can print normally then the reset process is considered successful.

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