Epson L565 Wi-Fi All-in-One Full Review 2023

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Epson L565 Wi-Fi All-in-One Review and outstanding printer advantages. Thanks to advances in technology, wifi printers are now available so you don’t need a cable to your PC to print. One of the affordable Wifi printers is the Epson L565.

The advantage of a Wifi printer is that it can be operated by more than one device at a time. You can print documents from a PC or laptop at the same time. In operation, you don’t need to connect a cable for connectivity but use Wifi.

Epson L565 Specifications

This Epson printer is targeting small-scale businesses. Large ink cartridges are able to accommodate more ink supported by ethernet and wireless networks. You can see the specifications of the Epson printer series itself in the table below:

Epson L565 Wi-Fi All-in-One Review

First Release: 2016
Scan Method: Contact Image Sensor (CIS)
Optical scanning resolution: 1200 x 2400 dpi
Scan Type: Flatbed, ADF
Dimensions: 484‎ x 377 x 226 mm
Weight: 6.2 kg
Printing Method: Inkjet
Print Speed Color: 4.5 ppm
Print Speed Mono: 9.2 ppm
Maximum paper input: 100 sheets
Maximum paper output: 20 sheets
Maximum paper size: 21.59 cm x 111.76 cm
Connections: USB 2.0, Ethernet, Wifi direct, and Wifi
Maximum print resolution: 5,760 x 1,440 dpi
Print speed If black and white: 9.2 ppm, Color 4.5 ppm
Black scan speed: 16 seconds for the 300 dpi flatbed and 34 seconds for the color version
Color scan speed: 2 ppm for monochrome/color ADF
Copy speed: 7.7 ppm for black and white and 3.8 ppm for color

Epson L565 Features

Epson printers have a monochrome LCD screen with a size of 2.2 inches. Also supported by a control panel for easy operation. Besides being known for having the Wifi direct feature, the printer can also be connected to 4 devices at once.

The printer is supported with other features that support daily operations. Are as follows:

Google Cloud Print

Now to print from a Gmail or Google Drive account, you can take advantage of this feature. You can directly print from a mobile device. You don’t have to wait long for the printouts to be viewed directly on your smartphone.

Apple AirPrint

For iOS device users, there is also the Apple AirPrint feature. You can print via wireless from your Apple gadgets, from mobile phones, and tablets to PCs.

Remote Print Driver

This feature makes printing activities not only from PCs but also mobile devices. Print directly from anywhere, only armed with the Epson iPrint app. The printer also has an official warranty of up to 2 years. The standard warranty is for 1 year and another 1 year is activated after online registration.

Epson iPrint

Epson provides the convenience of printing directly from smart devices and online cloud storage. You don’t even need to connect a cable to print the documents you need.

The advantages of the Epson L565

Apart from presenting the above features, it is also designed with many advantages. Its large dimensions provide the benefit of printing more and faster documents. The other advantages are as follows:

Save Ink

One ink tank can print thousands of pages. This offers a very low cost per printed sheet. The ecotank system he uses is known to have a large cylinder volume.

From one ink unit, the printer is capable of printing 13,000 black documents. The ink design is integrated with the printer body. Easy installation and no special maintenance required. The ink system is reliable so the refill process is anti-spill and leak.

High Resolution

This Epson printer is supported by micro piezo technology so that printing produces the same quality from one document to another. The print speed reaches 9 ppm.

There is also an optical sensor that is useful for scanning at a maximum resolution of 1200 x 2400 dpi. Files stored from the scan results can be of several extensions. For example, TIFF, PDF, JPEG, and BMP.

The maximum paper size used for this printer is up to the legal series. The legal series measures 21 x 35 cm.


The designers of the Epson L565 designed this printer ergonomically. Besides being easy to use, the printer is also safe to use for various needs. The printer is capable of processing scans, prints, photocopies, and even faxes.

One device but multifunctional so that it supports company and individual operations. Efficient operation due to wireless connection. Fewer cables are required and can be used by multiple devices at once.

Printers can work remotely from PCs and laptops to smartphones. This can increase the productivity of office employees.

The Epson L565 is here to meet high document printing needs. The ink tank is quite large so it can produce tens of thousands of documents. The printer can scan, copy and even fax. Suitable for office needs and various other printing services.

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