Epson L5190 Installer Driver Windows 11/10/8/7


Free Download Epson L5190 installer driver Windows 11/10/8/7 (32/64-bit). Download the printer driver, and scanner driver using the L5190 printer driver installers.

The Epson L5190 driver installer is easy to use. This driver is responsible for installing everything your device needs. The installer driver is a complete driver package for the L5190 printer.

Besides being easy to use, this driver is intended for new printer users who are less familiar with printers.

Epson L5190 Printer

The Epson L5190 printer has more advanced features and functions than just a tool for printing black-and-white documents but is also in color. will print photos, and scan them to photocopy in one printer device.

The highest Epson printer series from the 2nd generation (output) the L-series printer series is the most suitable choice for the category of printer desires with complete facilities. This Epson L5190 applies the concept of an identical printer body model because the L1100, L3150, and L3110 are space-saving and more dynamic by inserting ink tanks along the front side of the printer.

In addition to having a body style, the color of this printer unit is shiny black which looks like it gives the impression of luxury. On the front of this printer, there is an additional control board with buttons to make it easier to access the operation of various programs and options on the printer without having to go through a PC first.

High-capacity minimalist ink tank

Please note for those of you who plan to buy this printer, it is very natural that your printing needs will reach thousands in very monthly quantities, this Epson L5190 printer has implemented an infusion system so that the ink flows continuously from the tank to the printing section.

Compared to previous models and types of printers that had separate ink tanks, the latest ink tank models can make the refill method easier, consisting of four very different tank holes according to the ink they need, especially Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-black, each tank will hold a full bottle of ink or about 70ml.

The shape of the hole at the top of the ink fill is also very distinctive, specifically designed to adjust the top of the first Epson refill ink tank so that it is well-blocked. here you don’t have to worry about ink spills or splashes throughout the Epson L5190 Ink Refill method.

Excellent Print Quality and Speed

By hoping that this printer will save you more money on printing as well as maintenance, Epson claims that one bottle of black ink will produce about 7500 printed sheets, and for the whole ink it will produce around 4500 sheets. sheet, this is often very far from the printing capabilities of standard cartridges. ,

How about the print speed method, from information and various hand reviews, this Epson L5190 printer has a fast print speed, on black and white prints up to ten ipm, at color print speeds up to 5.0 ipm. but about the print quality? The print resolution applied will reach 5760 x 1400 dpi so that the written image will move and be clear.

At its maximum printing capability, this printer will print borderless photos up to 4R as well as documents up to full A4 paper size (borderless).

Epson L5190 Installer Driver For Windows

Epson L5190 Installer driver

This is the installer driver required by the printer. Driver installer to get everything you need to use the printer, such as: L5190 printer Driver, L5190 scanner Driver, Epson software update, and additional software.

File name: Epson_L5190_Series_EM_11_Web.exe
Version: 1.1
File size: 10.18 MB

Epson L5190 installer driver for Windows 11 (32/64-bit) | DOWNLOAD

Epson L5190 installer driver for Windows 10 (32/64-bit) | DOWNLOAD

Epson L5190 installer driver for Windows 7/SP (32/64-bit) | DOWNLOAD

Epson L5190 Installer Driver for Mac OS

File name: Epson_L5190_Installer_Series_EM_11_Web.dmg
Version: 1.1
File Size: 15 MB

Epson L5190 installer driver Mac OS 12 | DOWNLOAD

Epson L5190 installer driver Mac OS 11 | DOWNLOAD

Epson L5190 installer driver Mac OS 10.15/10.14 | DOWNLOAD

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