Epson L350 Printer Driver Windows 11/10/7


Epson L350 Printer driver free download for Windows 11, Windows 10, and Windows 7 [32/64-bit]. Install a compatible driver as the first step for printing documents and photos on the Epson L350 device.

To use a printer, of course, you have to install a compatible driver. Below is the latest printer driver that you can install on your computer for the Epson L350.

Epson L350 Printer Driver For Windows

The Epson L350 is an L series printer from Epson which has many features and a relatively affordable price. This printer is equipped with 4 inks with an infusion system. These four inks can provide decent colors for an inkjet printer. Because it has an infusion system, printing costs are also more economical. Apart from being able to print documents, this printer can also scan and photocopy.

Epson L350 Printer driver download
Epson L350 Printer driver download

What’s more interesting is that because it is a color printer, the Epson L350 is also capable of color photocopying. Print speed can be said to be standard. Black and white documents can be printed at 33 pages per minute, while color documents produce 15 pages per minute.

The maximum resolution that can be printed is also quite high, reaching 5770 x 1440 dpi. Plus a printhead with Epsin piezeo electric technology which makes the results even sharper.

Epson L350 Printer Driver Free Downloads

File name: L350_x64_15403UsHomeExportAsiaML.exe
File size: 28.95 MB


Operating Systems:

Windows 11 (recommended), Windows 10 [32-bit], Windows 10 [64-bit], Windows 7 [32-bit], Windows 7 [64-bit], Windows Vista [32-bit], Windows Vista [64-bit].

Hopefully, this post can help you install a compatible printer driver for the Epson L350. If there is something you don’t understand, you can ask directly on the Contact Us page. I will respond as soon as possible 🙂

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