Epson L3156 Resetter Free Downloads [Latest 2024]

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Epson L3156 Resetter Free download [Latest 2024]. Reset the Epson L3156 printer using the Epson Adjustment Program (AdjProg exe) in just a few simple steps.

On several occasions, it was found that the Epson L3156 printer could not work even though the ink tank was full and there had been no previous problems. So actually the solution to the problem is to reset the Epson L3156 printer.

Epson L3156 Resetter Download Latest 2024

Resetting the printer can be done manually or via a special application. Even though it can be done manually, using the application will be easier and more concise. Therefore, here are some explanations regarding downloading the Epson L3156 resetter for free without a password.

Epson L3156 Resetter
Epson L3156 Resetter

Reasons why you have to reset the Epson L3156?

There are several reasons why you have to reset the printer. If the printout or printing capacity exceeds the maximum limit, the printer will crash and need to be reset to return to the initial settings. The occurrence of paper jams can also be a reason for having to reset the printer.

When the message Service Required and Nozzle Must be Checked appears, this is when you need to download the free Epson L3156 resetter without a password to help with the printer reset process so that it can work properly again.

Epson Epson L3156 Resetter Features

The following is a short and concise explanation of the features of the Epson Epson L3156 Resetter:

  1. Reset Counter: Reset the print count and ink usage on the Epson L3156 printer.
  2. Waste Ink Pad Reset: Reset the waste ink pad to restore normal function to the printer.
  3. EEPROM Data Reset: Reset printer settings and data to factory settings.
  4. Adjustments: Make adjustments such as print head, print brightness, and color clarity.
  5. Maintenance: Carrying out maintenance such as cleaning the print head and refilling ink.

These features help you overcome common problems with the Epson L3156 printer and keep its performance optimal.

Download Epson Adjustment Program L3156

File Name: AdjProg exe
File Size: 5 MB



Operating Systems: Windows 11 (Latest) | Windows 10 [32/-bit] | Windows 10 [64-bit] | Windows 7 [32-bit] | Windows 7 [64-bit]

How to Reset Epson L3156 Using Resetter

After you download the Epson L3156 resetter, the next step is to use the application and start resetting the printer to restore its performance. Follow the steps below!

  1. Turn off the antivirus on the laptop
  2. Extract the downloaded application
  3. Turn on the printer
  4. Connect the USB printer to the laptop
  5. Open the extracted folder
  6. Double click on the file named Adjprog
  7. Click Select
  8. Select Epson L3156
  9. Specify the port
  10. Click the Particular Adjustment Mode menu
  11. Click the Waste Ink Pad Counter menu
  12. Then click OK
  13. Check the Main Pad Counter and Platen Pad Counter
  14. Click the Check menu
  15. If the value shows more than 100% then the printer must be reset
  16. Check the Main Pad Counter and Platen Pad Counter again
  17. Click the Initialize menu
  18. Wait until you are ready to reset
  19. Turn off the printer
  20. Close the resetter application
  21. Wait for a few minutes
  22. Restart the printer

Hopefully, this post can help you reset the Epson L3156 using the Resetter or Epson Adjustment Program. Give a starred review if this post was useful for you. If there is something you don’t understand, you can ask directly on the Contact Us page. I will respond as soon as possible 🙂

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