Canon G3010 Driver Full Installer Windows (32/64-bit)

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Canon G3010 Driver Windows 11/10/8/7 (32/64-bit) | Full driver installer G3010 available for free. The recommended use of the driver for the g3010 printer has two different versions for each windows.

The G3010 driver on windows 10 is definitely different for windows 7 32-bit. The use of a suitable driver is highly recommended to avoid printing errors.

Download Driver Canon G3010

Using the correct g3010 driver is highly recommended to take advantage of all the features in the printer to run properly.

Printer Driver is a software that operates on a computer to be able to recognize and connect to the Printer. If when you print a document to the printer, the printer will not be able to receive a print command if there is no driver installed on the Printer g3010.

Basically when you send a print command from the computer to the printer, the printer driver acts like an intermediary and converts the information from this program into a language format that the printer can understand. Printer Driver is the printer and operating system used on certain computers and printers, for example Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.

It is quite important to use a suitable driver to avoid printing problems. Having and knowing the definition of a printer driver is of course an obligation for a printer owner to be able to fully access and run printer equipment both in its main use as a printing tool and other facilities such as scan, copy and fax that may be owned by the unit.

The Canon g3010 Printer Driver is a free application provided by Canon itself to help make it easier for users to control the various features and functions that are in the printer so that they run properly.

Some functions and features of the g3010 cannot be controlled via a computer, even in some cases explaining that the computer cannot detect the printer at all because there is no printer driver.

Actually, Official Canon has provided a Canon g3010 printer driver CD that was included in the box when you first bought it, but because it is rarely used the driver CD is usually lost or even damaged by itself.

Download Driver G3010 For Windows 10

G3010 series Full Driver & Software Package Windows (32/64-bit)

This is an online installation software to help you perform initial setup of your Printer G3010 using a PC (either USB connection or network connection) and to install various software required by your device.

G3010 Driver Printer Assistant Tool Ver.1.60.3 Windows 10 (32/64-bit) \

This is a much needed driver/app on the Pixma g3010 for software that changes printer settings and performs maintenance.

G3010 series MP Drivers Ver.1.01 Windows (32/64-bit)

Complete Driver Scanner The G3010 driver provides full printing and scanning functionality for your product.

Download Driver G3010 For Windows 7

Canon g3010 MP driver for Windows 7 (32/64-bit)

G3010 series Full Driver & Software Package for Windows 7 (32/64-bit)

Printer PIXMA G3010

This Canon PIXMA G3010 printer is a printer that has Print, Scan, Copy functions and is equipped with Wireless Connection. The printer comes with an ink tank system that can be refilled easily, printing costs per sheet with this G-series printer can be cheaper.

The G Series comes with the latest technology that can produce sharp, bright, and borderless print and photo quality. The ink tank system attached to the printer body makes it easy for you to see the remaining ink and know when it’s time to refill. print speed, this printer is capable of printing color documents at a speed of about 5.0 ipm, while for black and white documents, the speed reaches 8.8 ipm.

Canon PIXMA G3010 has a flatbed type scanner with an optical resolution of 600×1200 dpi. For the copy function, the duplication speed for color documents reaches an average of 24 seconds, while for black and white documents the speed is around 3.5 ipm.

Printing Easier Without Cables Canon Pixma G3010 already supports the Wireless Printing feature. This feature allows you to print documents over a WiFi network. This printer also supports Access Point Mode so you can directly print documents from a laptop, PC, or mobile device without the help of a router.

In addition, this printer also supports Google Cloud Print which allows you to print documents, photos, or emails from a Google account. Without the help of a computer at all, you can directly send the document and then print it on this printer.

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